One Man’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure

Being frugal can be hard for some people. But for hard working parents these days you may feel you have to be. With todays bills, groceries, household necessities, etc. it can get tight on your wallet real quick. I know it can get rough for us at times but making most of what you already have makes the process fun. It forces you to be creative and and think outside the box.

One fine example is reusing items you may tend to simply throw away when you’ve used it all up. Take baby wipe containers as an example. They usually come in a small travel size container that you may refill or a larger size for home. These containers are sometimes easily thrown in the garbage. I like to reuse them. Put small trinkets in them, rubber bands, batteries, bandaids, etc. Whatever you can think of. You could even decorate it to your liking. I’ve even seen someone use it to plant vegetables. Similar containers are cleaning wipe containers and flushable wipe containers too. Use it for what your heart desires! Become an organizing professional or creative whiz.

Some other bright ideas that I have yet to try is using mason jars. Im guilty for this, thinking i’ve used it enough times and I threw it away! ¬†You can reuse this item and turn it into a reusable soap dispenser. Take you old soda can or canned foods and turn it into simple pencil holders. Take your old paper toilet rolls and fancy them up into little gift boxes. Using the container your eggs came in for a planter is genius. What I’ve seen to be super cute and useful is using tic tac containers for small storage for your sugars and spices. There’s so many awesome ideas and its already getting my creative senses tingling inside. These ideas are easily found online, just simply google and you’d be surprised at what you can find.

Does your family reuse your household items? What do you use them for? I’m open to new ideas. Reuse your items and save money for more things that matter in life. Everything is a treasure in life and it is only what you make of it that matters!Baby Wipes Reused!Mini Sugar And Spice Containers! Planters! Coffee Creamers turned Into Containers!

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