Morning Energy

Ever wonder why when you wake in the morning you have so much energy? Your mind is so refreshed with all the things you want to do, need to accomplish, and new ideas that magically pop up in your mind. Then here comes the evening time when nap time seems to be perfect. That cup of joe is the only thing keeping you going. And you forgot about the other half of the very important things you needed to get done. What happened here?

We can’t force our minds to be on top of everything all day everyday. But what we can do is be very aware of how our mind and bodies work and use that to our advantage. Let’s just come to terms with this. Our minds as we sleep is basically resetting itself. It’s filing away non important things from the day before. It’s storing the data that we find very important. Our minds is clearing its slate for the new day, when we awake from our slumber. We can conclude from this the best time of the day is….

Morning! Things we need to remember comes to us with ease. Our mind is clutter free and anxious to think about this and that. We think of great ideas! The morning time is the absolute best time to get the most important things out of the way. For Michael and I we work on our business from home. Therefore we get up and Michael has his coffee, I’ll grab me a matcha green tea, and Alexiis has her cereal. Michael goes straight to work and crushes what he needs to do for the day. We jot notes as things pop up in our still newly awake brains. Alexiis does her summer school work and I get to working as well. prioritize your day where you get the biggest and most important stuff completed in the first half. Before long, your mind will drift. And now a simple task that should take you a merely thirty minutes may take you an hour or more.

By noon, you start getting hungry. Your mind starts to think about minuscule things like I wonder whats this…and its starts wondering away from the task at hand. Concentration slowly depletes from there. It gets harder to stay energized. I understand energy drinks and coffee could help the situation but I also think too much is not good for you at all and can have the reverse effect on you too. Taking a break could help, but usually for me it makes it worse. Its already time to wine down. Creativity has left the building and zombie mode just got kicked up a notch.

Now its the end of the day. Your mind can no longer think. You start to forget things you may have just heard a minute a go. Your mind does not have an infinite amount of energy and it can happen that you just deplete it. If so, don’t even waste your time trying to put something together worth a lot of thought. It will come out plain, simple, boring, and nonchalant. I’ve had my days where I’m thinking I need to grab something quickly, walk into a room, and totally forget why I’m in there. Thats horrible. Thats the moment I know I’ve used up just about all of my brain power and it will now take me ages to get things done.

You can help your brain to recoup from this by taking power naps. This is super helpful. Think of it as restarting your computer. All of the windows and tabs that were open, shut it off. Everything is completely off, and now lets restart our minds to start new. This will work for a good amount of time but eventually you will run out of juice again because you only restarted, you didn’t give it time to reboot, I guess you could say.

This is something my family does and I highly recommend a good amount of time for naps and sleep which is crucial for our mind and bodies. It’s great for our children especially as they grow. Keeps them in a better mood and more eager to learn new things and remember them well. Lets stay healthy and I hope my tips help you for a better day to day operations. Keep it Saavy!

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