Summertime in Hawaii

It’s summer everybody! Lets go camping, take our children to the park, and go fishing at the beach! What to you like to do on summer vacation with your family. This is our first summer all together. Usually Alexiis has summer school and Michael and I are working. We can all picture  summer time to be filled with blue skies, sandy beaches, crisp waves, green grass, etc. Especially in Hawaii where the weather is always gorgeous. This summer has been a little different for us but I’m kind of digging it. This time around its a gloomy, rainy, muddy mess.

Its just about June as I look out my window now. Its dark and gray sky, bringing down the rain. Don’t get me wrong. I love the rain. So does Alexiis because she gets to play in it with the other children that is outside too. Not for long though, we don’t want anyone to get sick. Michael and l get to work on our business, make food, and clean the house. I already did the laundry, clean the bathroom and bedrooms yesterday. I guess its the kitchen and on to folding the clothes today.

Alexiis has things to do in her day too such as her language arts and math workbooks. I bought them online from Tri-C publications Inc. We work on them in the morning. The rest of the day is spent doing activities and making sure she eats her snacks and takes a nap. Sometimes she will play with her friends in the neighborhood. I should really limit her iPad usage. Does you child love their iPad or tablet?  It’s literally ’til death do us part, type of thing with her. What do you do when trying to limit your children’s usage. Any fun suggestions?

Hawaii is a beautiful place with beautiful weather usually. Hopefully the rain passes so we can have a day to go to the carnival. What is your family doing over the summer?



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