Fun New Things to do at Pearlridge Mall

My family needed to get out and about. We sometimes go out to the park, the library, and to the beach. Peal Ridge Mall is always a pleasure to check out when we get a chance. Especially over the summer, Pearl Ridge has goodies up in the summer. Let us tell you about our adventure.

They have a bungee jumping activity right now, great for the whole family. Alexiis did some back flips and enjoyed it so much. It lasts for five minutes, but those five minutes is a real work out! If you jump high enough you’ll be able to shaka at everyone on the second floor. People have so much fun on this activity.

Another new activity they have right now is called the finger coaster. Before starting this cool ride you come to a touch screen where you lay out your very own roller coaster with a touch of a finger. Go left, right, up, down, and even do loop-dy-loops if you want! When its complete, the host will have you seat up to four people. They use the VR headsets to give you the feeling of being on a real roller coaster. The seats move along with you actually giving you that scary, slow motion going up the roller coaster, and the immediate down that makes you hold on to your chair for dear life. Its an experience to remember. Look all around you and you can see the ocean, the other rides, and the blue sky. Its amazing.


Virtual Roller Coaster

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