Not All Treasure is Silver & Gold

I just had this stick out to me today for some reason. Besides blogging I do have a life when the computer is turned off. My boyfriend and I are really into our own business. I just find it funny because this stuck out to me, but not typically on one specific subject. This is diverse and I am applying to all of the aspects to my life and am contemplating it all right now. Step into my mind.

First thing I was really appreciative for was I thought about “Not all treasure is silver and gold” for our business. In our business we sometimes have to reach out to business owners. I was thinking just last week that quantity is more. It could possibly help but not necessarily either. Example, I’ll create a custom video for business owners. Last week I was basically making not very thought out videos, but I was just sending them out. Now the other day. I spent a lot of time with one video. I put in a lot of time creating this video to the best of my ability and hope and wish that business owner will get in contact with me. Ofcourse I’m emailing them and following up but you get it right?

Another example is with Michael and Alexiis. I am probably far away from being frugal. I really should be taking notes on Michael because he is so frugal its insane. You could probably give him a cardboard box and twenty dollars and he’s come out a millionaire. Im sure of it! Anyways I always think too big. My thinking is for us to have an amazing night we have to go big, go hard, spend all this money, etc. When in actuality, our most prized memories together is the most simplest of times. Its incredible how we can be playing cards on the floor, to chit chatting and tickling and how that makes you feel.

Its the small things that matter. Don’t ever forget that. What do you take from this? What are the small things you are appreciative for?

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