Bonding through Video Games

Wii Games


Video Games. Everyone has their thoughts and opinions on them. It can become a bad thing when it’s abused and it can have beneficial qualities when used sparingly from what I understand. Video games also have ratings for a reason. This is to inform parents beforehand if the game is appropriate for their child’s age. Being aware and being present also can help with this subject.

See, I grew up with video games in my childhood. Sega Genesis was the first console I ever laid hands on. Sonic and Street Fighter was my first video games! Oh the memories I had playing on that thing! I can remember it clear as day. Sitting on the carpeted floor, crosslegged, my eyes so mesmerized.  I was just amazed at the fact that I could use this controller and control this little guy named Sonic to get through a level full of bad guys and gold rings. That’s where my fascination with video games first started its blaze in my heart.

Now that I am older and with a child of my own, I don’t play video games as much. But I find it interesting to see my daughter just as intrigued as I was when I was as small as her. She wants to play different video games, learn new things, and explore the video game world. I kind of have to say, “whoa there, you’re getting way over your head.” She is very strong willed and believes she can play anything and be good at it. If it doesn’t work, she will blame it on the video game. Sometimes she would holler at it too.

Video games can be very beneficial to children and teens when played in moderation. If the hours played is abused, there seems to be a very negative affect. Playing games together or as a team is a sure fire way to bond with your children. Games have been played over generations and generations.  Board games was and still is a great way to play with the whole family. Now in this new day, playing a device with a controller to move a character or do something on your television is totally normal. As crazy as it may sound to our ancestors.

The Wii systems is a super fun console to play on, great for people of all ages. Yes even the adults! The controllers is simple, which you hold in one hand. Wii comes with some kind of motion detecting camera that follows where the controller is moving. Don’t quote me on that, I am not a trained professional! Therefore when playing the boxing game, you stand, punch, throw blows in the video game, while here in reality you are punching nothing but thin air. It’s great for exercise and getting all of the family engaged. It comes with all sorts of goodies such as bowling, tennis, boxing, sword fighting, and even dance. Boxing really gets me all pumped up and breaking a sweat!

Try it out for yourself and see how video games can make an a difference in the way you bond with your family. Also leave me a comment below explaining what you have been having fun with! I’d love to hear and try new things with my family!

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