Be Aware of the Signs, for a Better Behaving Child

Really understanding our children early on is a great benefit for both mommy and daddy. Being able to distinguish if your child is tired or really acting out can play a huge part on how they are to have consequences. It can be a little difficult to pick up on these signals if you’re unaware of what to look for. So let me help you out a bit. Because it is all the parents responsibility than it is on the child, remember that.

As young children grow, they play hard and I like to think they sleep hard. My daughter does anyway. As their bodies and mind grow they need a lot of time to nap and sleep. Let me give you an example of what to look for in this situation. In the evening you are at the playground and you child throws a tantrum and is being mean to another child. Is your child misbehaving and needs to have consequences or is your child acting out because of something you could have prevented? Let’s see. Ask yourself this. Does your child normally act in this way? Why was your child acting in this way? What happen? Could it be possible your child is tired? Are their eyes a hint of blue? From here you can distinguish whether to give your child consequences for their actions or take them home. Either way when your child has calmed down and is ready to talk, explain to them the right way to have handled the situation. It is also your job as a parent to help make sure that your child is in a position to be successful in these types of situations. Sometimes it’s not the child’s fault, but the parent.

When our children are sick or hurt its any parents automatic instinct to panic. This is probably the worse thing you can do in a situation. Our children look to us for guidance and if they see is worried and in a panic, they will panic as well. One sign to look for in a situation such as this is to see if they aren’t being themselves. If a child is sick, it’s a sure fire sign something is wrong when they aren’t being their normal selves. If it’s a normal cold usually some cold medicine, lots of water, and rest is the best remedy. Definitely make a doctors appointment when they are acting normal.

Talking and understanding them is very important. When my daughter gets in trouble for something I make sure that when she calms down and is ready to talk we talk things out. I let her speak as I listen and I also try my best to explain to her the situation at hand. How she should deal with certain things, the right way. Consequences should be given according to what they did wrong and severity of it.

What are your parenting tips and tricks? Any suggestions for Pirate Mom and her mateys? Please share and comment!

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